It has been six months since the great purge of the Carthian leadership, and Detroit is in full-blown chaos. A horrifying wave of epidemics have swept across the city. The city’s emergency response was quickly overwhelmed, and President Palin ordered a quarantine of Detroit and the surrounding areas, effectively leaving the city to its own devices, with only very minimal aid from the outside. The city’s mortal government has essentially collapsed and been replaced by a CDC task force that has more or less completely failed to contain the outbreaks of a dozen or so almost untreatable diseases.

The war between the various factions of vampires was brief: a series of quick strikes and counterstrikes that fizzled out as most of the vampires realized they needed to be more concerned about what was happening in the rest of the city. A variety of faction have formed, each striving politically to exert dominance over the others.


Leaders: Jedidiah Barnes

The Carthian Assembly and the Council have been entirely overthrown, though there is still a large Carthian presence in the city.

Ordo Dracul and the Mekhet

Leaders: Brett Ivory and Christopher Wilson

The Ordo Dracul retained most of their power, and Brett Ivory has been among the best at taking advantage of the plague and subsequent quarantine to gain power. The Mekhet largely allied themselves with the Ordo, and have faired similarly: no huge power gains, but they’ve retained most of their existing influence.

Circle of the Crone

Leaders: Tauni

Tauni and the Circle of the Crone have gained substantial power and influence among the city’s vampires and negotiated the truce that basically ended the war.

Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum

Leaders: Robert McBee and Renatus

After the purge but before the quarantine, several Invictus sent contingents to Detroit. These groups, along with a few Invictus loyalists who had quietly remained in the city under Carthian rule, united with the Lancea Sanctum to attempt to restore proper authority to Detroit. They gained some degree of influence, but not nearly the complete takeover they were hoping for.

Vampires of Detroit

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