Vampires of Detroit

Knowledge from the Future/The Good and the Bad

The Cards Know

Knowledge from the Future:
I laid down a card to give me insight into what might be on Nicholas’ mind. It was the Two of Cups—a new relationship of some sort, a new connection blossoming. Intrigued, I placed another card to its left to explore the possible background of this connection and received the Page of Cups, reversed. There was someone in his past, I think…a young woman he cared for deeply and lost, whose memory he can’t escape from. Well, we all have a bit of that going on. It was the third card, the “future” card, that raised the most questions. Death. Not exactly the most surprising card when reading for the Kindred, as death is our past, present, and future. Of course, it’s usually a metaphor. But whatever the specifics, this connection he’s made is going to change drastically sometime soon, for good or ill. Possibly both.

There are rumors going around about Petra treading awfully close to the line when it comes to the Masquerade. She appears in my readings as a Page of Wands, reversed. Not a good sign, but sadly in line with my observations. She shows a tendancy to show off, even to bully. But she’s very athletic, very talented, if only we could get that energy flowing more smoothly rather than pooling and flooding.

There was a meeting of the Ordo Dracul, which I was not permitted to attend, despite the strong representation among my coterie. I tried to determine what I might be missing, but the results were both ominous and rather unclear. The High Priestess—yes, thank you, a mysterious reservoir of knowledge, I knew that already. The Emperor reversed—a weakness or lapse in their leadership, perhaps? The Wheel of Fortune—some rise to power, some fall from it. I do notice that all of these cards are from the Major Arcana. Whatever is happening here is firmly in the hands of destiny, and will more than likely affect all of us. Fire and Water, with Fire being dominant and the Ordo as we know it in submission to the changes that lie in its future. Will it boil up as a mighty new power, or evaporate entirely?

The Good and the Bad:

Something awesome happened today. I found the perfect place to set up my practice. I don’t know how a location like this could be in a city that is such a mess, but it is obviously a sign that I need to stick around. It even has a place to live…. Now I need to start decorating!

Nicholas and I went to check on the incident at the church. The priest who answered the door immediately shut it in our faces, and then angry men with pitchforks came after us for being vampires and trying to turn people in their parrish into vampires. Naturally we ran away


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