Vampires of Detroit


Petra fought an epic battle, and won, obtaining the title of Grand master of the Sworn of the Axe. Exciting. She also has spent personal time with Raphael. Dr. Acula had a questionable, but fun party celebrating the unexpected murder (beheading) of Counselor Daniels. The sheriff had questioned him about it, and thought it was in poor taste. Nickolas cut Paula off of his affections, and chose to reign in whatever feelings were between them. Dr. Akula moved in with Lana Stavross, and her place was where party took place. But now the big news…

The Ordo of Dracul is being blamed for the plague upon the city, and the Carthians want the order disbanded, and the responsible parties punished.

Sorry this was short and uncreative.. I am on borrowed time, and if I left anything out, please feel free to add.


madstrategist Tenorous

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