Vampires of Detroit

The Storm

From the diary of Miss Victoria Morland
Volume CCIX
December 27, 2012

Woke up Christmas night to find that Detroit was flooding. Moved collections to higher shelves just to be safe. A little crowded, some aesthetic sacrifices, but can’t risk losing anything. Tried to keep some semblance of order, mostly with success. Of particular note, moved watches up between jewelry (bracelets) and pocketknives. Think I like them better there than their previous place by electronics. Did cause me to notice I haven’t got a solution for what I’d do with a timepiece other than a wristwatch or pocketwatch—one suspended from a necklace, say. Definitely want to see what I can come up with. Everyone used to wear those, but I haven’t seen one in a long while. Could try to find it on one of those ridiculous steampunk fans. Must keep an eye out. Probably be into the kiss anyway. Weirdos.

Got a weird call from Vadoma and Petra. Long story short, I guess they released this thuderbird thing to try to get it to fight the dragon thing? Don’t know where they got that, but anyway, that’s what was causing the storm, all the fighting. Also apparently there were Strix in that mountain. So… now those are everywhere too, we guess. Haven’t seen any yet. Kind of peeved about it anyway.

Anyway, they wanted to come back to my house, but I was afraid they’d move in again, so I finished fanning out the wallets and headed out to the old hospital to check out the show. Not much to see. Bunch of others were there. They told me they could see the two big beasts scrabbling up in the sky. Couldn’t see it. Too much lightning around the building to want to get close. Larry did it anyway, but there wasn’t anything interesting going on in there. Then I guess he flipped out and killed some random bystander. I don’t know. Larry.

Wanted to stay close to the place to make sure no one else moved in on the nest before we could secure it—Kindred, werewolves, anyone. Then those two kids showed up, the ones who look like Mary. Couldn’t believe it. The older one was trying to get the younger one to walk up to the building, little twit. (Note to self: Figure out what their names are.) Shut that down and sent them running home like rabbits. Dumb kids.

Spent the night on watch, but wasn’t sure how to chase off the others sniffing around. Everyone else was busy reporting in and/or kissing up. Old Tooley went to see Ivory and give him the news, see what he could do about it. Guess it makes sense. Ivory had some kind of daytime force he could send in to make sure we got it. Petra meanwhile went to Ephraim about the Strix. Obviously he was not pleased. There’s been some research going on. Nothing good.

Next night the storm was a little less crazy. No flooding in my house, collection all fine. I kind of went between the hospital and the people doing research, trying to keep on top of things. If anything ever happened to be on top of. Boring.

Should have gone to see old Tooley’s play. Not a fan—never got used to the “restored” ending all these depressed people like to use. Haven’t tried all that hard, but. Anyway, sounds like that’s where all the excitement was. First off, Mr. Prima Donna cut in at the last minute and replaced King Lear. Then, Larry showed up, sat in the middle of the audience, and cranked on his Daeva powers, apparently just to be a prick. Larry. So no one was watching. Between acts Tooley calls him back and cusses him out or something, then dominates him and sends him marching home, but half the audience follows him. Not a great night for Tooley, even without him nearly breaking the Masquerade in front of his little ingenue.

I guess he was still angry later. Disappeared for a while, then showed up with some Ventrue dame we’d never seen before while we were sitting around looking at pictures of Strix and talking about how screwed we were. Didn’t make any introductions. Marched in to see the council and we didn’t see him again. Really wish I had that place bugged. A private bug, though.

Went home. Next morning the storm was over, the sun was shining, &c. Hurried over to the hospital where “our guys” were moving in on the wyrm’s nest. No sign of any conflict over it, but the moron I talked to wouldn’t give me any information except to say Ivory was in charge. So I went to see him. I must have been first, because apparently they needed a Guardian for the thing and no one had been picked yet. I didn’t know a wyrm’s nest guardian was even a thing, but that person gets the job of watching over it, which means constant and unlimited access—not to mention veto power on anyone else using it. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it, thought it’d be a lot harder to get myself in there. But no. Asked for it and got it. All he wanted was for me to vote for him, like I even care who’s in charge of the order. I’m in charge of the wyrm’s nest.

Haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do there yet, but I have a feeling the space can only be highly beneficial to my “personal” research. Might even move some of my collection in there. Maybe start an annex. We’ll see what kind of private space I can make. And how powerful it is, too. Definitely some questions I want answered. Putting Vadoma to work as soon as I find her.

Think that’s it. Petra went out and argued with some humans, I guess. And something had Acula on full angst , but he didn’t talk about it and I didn’t ask. [NOTE: It was around this time that the vampire known as Dr. Acula learned that the human woman who so reminded him of his former lover was, unbeknownst to her, pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. Judging by later events, it is probable that he didn’t much approve of the attitude or behavior of the father, either. – Ed.]


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