Houserules and Homebrews

Houserules and homebrews:

Architects of the Monolith

Coil of Hunger Source

Denial of Want ●

The first step to mastering the Mystery of the Hunger is learning to control it in oneself. By spending a point of Willpower and making a successful Resolve + Composure roll, the Dragon can resolve the Wanton condition. Also, if the Dragon ever fails the roll to resist hunger-based Frenzy, spending a Willpower point allows her to re-roll Resolve + Composure.

Mortal Banquet ●●

When the Dragon spends vitae to allow her to eat or drink the effect lasts for a full night. In addition, she no longer has to vomit up the meal afterwards. Instead, her vitae acts to break down the meal and adds it to her own substance, effectively digesting it. Digesting a meal in this fashion will heal one level of bashing or lethal damage, whichever is right-most on the Health track. The meal must be something nominally edible, though the vampire is immune to any mundane form of food poisoning. The vampire may only consume one such meal per three hours.

If the Dragon makes a habit of consuming meals in this fashion at least once per night, she may use this ritual as a Touchstone. Leaving off this ritual for a month or longer while active destroys the Touchstone. Many Dragons find this practice regressive and controversial, seeing it as an attempt to cling to mortality. Others feel that control over one’s diet means control over one’s nature.

Minimize Subsistance ●●●

As the Dragon masters his Hunger, he learns to taper off his reliance on vitae. For each vitae spent, the Dragon may rise a number of nights equal to his rating in the Coil of Hunger.

Potency of Vitae ●●●●

At this level the Dragon has learned to regulate the concentration of the vitae itself. Treat the Dragon’s Blood Potency as two lower when determining the kind of vitae he must subsist on (animal, human or supernatural). Treat the Dragon’s Blood Potency as two higher for determining the size of his Blood Pool. This does not affect the number of vitae the character may expend in one turn.

The Ascetic’s Diet ●●●●●

At the pinnacle of the Mystery of the Hunger, the Dragon can survive on even the thinnest of blood and resist the lure of even the richest. Regardless of her Blood Potency the Dragon can subsist on any kind of blood, be it animal, human or supernatural. Furthermore, the Dragon need only imbibe half the quantity of animal blood to constitute one vitae. If the Dragon does imbibe kindred vitae, she is at +5 to resist Vitae Addiction; this bonus also applies to resist the effects of drinking the blood of any other supernatural being.

Houserules and Homebrews

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