The Carthian Movement

The Carthian Movement is the most powerful and numerous covenant in Detroit. The faction’s leadership tied itself heavily to the auto industry in the early 20th century. As the automobile industry grew in power and the Invictus prince grew increasingly authoritarian, the ranks of the Carthian Movement swelled. By the time they seized power, over half of the city’s kindred were either members of the Carthian Movement or supported its agenda.

Since gaining power, Carthian numbers and participation have been slipping. The decline of the auto industry has also destabilized the power structure on which the Carthian’s were built. A number of the more powerful Carthian’s who were instrumental in overthrowing the Invictus have gone into Torpor, resulting in a Council that is, for the most part, quite young to be holding such advanced positions. Many Carthians worry what will happen when Jedidiah Barnes, the most powerful Carthian in the city, feels the call of Torpor.

The Carthian’s current meeting hall is the abandoned Michigan Central Station.

The Carthian’s have set up a mini-auditorium in the space, and use it for covenant meetings.

Notable Members:
Jedidiah Barnes: Arbiter
Hannah Hill: Chairman of the Council
Trish Daniels: Councilor
John Cole: Councilor
Manchu Manoj: Sheriff

The Carthian Movement

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